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Ethical and Eco-Friendly Products Part III: Clothing

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Take a peek into your wardrobe — are you supporting fast fashion or sustainable fashion? Here are a few clothing brands dedicated to a healthier planet while giving you quality pieces.

Every day, we use tons of products and items. But are we paying attention to where they’re coming from? In the last installment of the Ethical and Eco-Friendly Products Series, we’re delving into fashion. Is what you’re wearing (or what it took to make it) harming our planet? It could be. Here’s a list of brands trying to make a change and live a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle through fashion.

ethical green sustainable lingerie


Naja is a lingerie company with goals to support single mothers and to reduce their environmental footprint. Naja employees are paid above-market wages with benefits, plus their children have their school books and supplies, uniforms, and school lunches all paid for by Naja.

sustainable classic t shirts


These simple T-shirts are made with 100% organic cotton, are sustainable, and are cruelty-free. The Classic T-shirt Company steers clear from pesticides and fertilizers, keeping our planet a bit more free of harsh chemicals. They recently came out with a Women’s Line, keeping in the lightweight fabric and soft feel of their shirts.

This company takes it a step farther, ensuring that the workers at their factory are provided “fair wages, reasonable hours, and excellent working conditions.”

ethical green sustainable fashion

Threads 4 Thought

Threads 4 Thought began in 2006 when two just-graduated college students decided to take a step toward sustainable and green fashion. According to their site, the textile industry is the third most polluting industry on the planet, and they’re on a mission to change that.

The company has grown from a handful of eco-friendly tees to an entire lifestyle brand. Their active wear is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Check out their new arrivals here.

responsibly sourced shoes


Funky Kalakar uses vegan, sustainable, and ethically-sourced materials to make their shoes. They use recycled rubber from tires, and use their fabric scraps to make board games. Shop their Women’s Collections here.

VEJA takes their responsibility to the planet seriously. Each VEJA sole is made with 18-20% natural rubber, and their sneakers are made with fabric 100% from recycled plastic bottles, cotton, and polyester. They also treat their factory workers fantastically. The company is very transparent, listing their limits here.

Shop Women’s Sneakers here.

Because of these brand’s dedication, they’re making the world a little bit greener every day. So check out these products, and keep an eye on where the products you’re buying are coming from.

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Ethical and Eco-Friendly Products Part III: Clothing
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