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Stay Healthy While Working from Home

Staying Healthy while Working from Home - Health Tips for Freelancers and Bloggers - Snacks - Routines - Mental Health - Self Care

As a freelancer or blogger, health isn’t usually our first priority. With these simple tips, start building a healthier lifestyle.

As I’ve begun my full-time freelancing and blogging journey, I’ve realized that it’s time for me to make the decision to take my health into my own hands. That includes eating, exercising, mental health, etc. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m sharing with you all that I’ve learned about staying healthy while working at home.

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Drink Lots of Water

Hydration. It’s important.

I keep a huge glass of water on my desk, and I try to get up and refill it soon after it’s empty. It’s so easy to focus so much that you forget to even drink water, but we all know we need it.

Get Up and Move

Stretch. Do a few exercises every hour. Keep your blood flowing. When I switched to running around like a crazy person all day to sitting at a desk, I realized that I needed to start working out (even in the short bursts that I do it in).

This has helped me to be more motivated, stay (a little bit) healthier, and avoid weight gain.

Stay Healthy While Working at Home - Healthy Freelancing - Setting Boundaries with Clients - Self-care for Freelancers and Bloggers

Look Away

Here’s a simple rule I was recently introduced to: every 20 minutes, look away from your screen for 20 seconds at something that’s 20 feet away. The 20-20-20 rule will help decrease chances of headaches or eye strain, along with other things. Worried you won’t be able to remember? Set a timer. Do it now. It’s a start, and your eyes will thank you later.

Work on Your Self-Care

Moo has a great post on self-care for freelancers, and it goes for bloggers or anyone else who works for themselves as well. I’m mostly focusing on their last point: making time for yourself.

As a new freelancer, I’ve had a mindset of, “I’m not really making that much money, so I should work more hours to make up for it.” But that leads to burnout and exhaustion, which ultimately leads to less motivation to work.

So take some time to breathe.

Have a spa night with some sugar scrubs, go on a staycation, get a hobby, drink some wine. Take care of yourself.

Cut The Junk Food

You’re at home all day, and the resources to get sweets, fat-filled chips, or sugary drinks are easily available to you. Work on self-control and swap out those snacks for wholesome things like blueberries, nuts (walnuts + these other foods help with focus), or carrots.

Set Boundaries

When I first started working for myself, I quickly discovered the need for boundaries. Set a time to shut off your computer. Don’t communicate with clients on your days off (but let them know if you’re taking a weekday off). You’re a freelancer, but you’re still human. Treat yourself like one, and make sure you still have time when you’re not working. Make intentional choices when it comes to your work/life balance.

Mental Health for Freelancers and Bloggers - Stay Healthy While Working at Home - Healthy Blogging - Healthy Freelancing


This ties in with the above point. Make sure you have a life. You may love love love your work, but you still need time to relax. Get together with friends or family once or twice a week. What’s the point of life if you chain yourself to your desk all day (and evening)?

Look at Your Posture

Are you hunched over your computer right now, completely unaware of the back pain you’re giving to yourself? Stop slouching. Consider getting a standing desk or finding a way to get your computer screen at eye-level using a keyboard extension.

Bottom Line: It’s easy to stay hyper-focused while working, but that doesn’t mean the little things like refilling your water glass, going to the bathroom, readjusting your posture, or tearing your eyes off your screen for 20 seconds should be ignored. Remember to take care of your mental health, too.

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