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Rocky Mountain Oils Review — Are Rocky Mountain Essential Oils Pure?

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Essential oils.

By this point, just about everyone has heard of a company that sells them. You can even find them in most stores. But if you’re looking into using essential oils for their numerous benefits, you’ve probably heard the horror stories. Companies adding fragrances to their “pure” oils, a lack of transparency, etc.

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So how do you know which brand is best?

I’ve been researching for a while to make sure I decided on the right brand. I love research, partially because it’s fun and partially because I like making informed decisions.

To help you out a little, I’m sharing the information I’ve gathered on Rocky Mountain Oils. There are lots of reasons why I think they’re the best essential oil company, and I’m going to lay them out below. Hopefully it’s helpful for you!

Essential Oil Test Results

Rocky Mountain Oils uses GC/MS testing through a verified third-party, independent lab (watched over by one of their own in-house chemists). They also do extra testing at their headquarters.

On top of that, they provide their test results for free online. Every product comes with a batch code on the bottom of the bottle. All you have to do is enter it into their site, and you’ll be able to see the results of their essential oil quality tests!

. . . But what does GC/MS stand for? Here’s Wikipedia’s definition:

“Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS) is an analytical method that combines the features of gas-chromatography and mass spectrometry to identify different substances within a test sample.”

. . . So basically the tests spot and quantify adulterants, environmental effects on samples, and more. This article explains it better than I ever could.

A picture of frankincense essential oil with actual frankincense - Rocky Mountain Oils Review - 100% pure essential oils - Reputable essential oils companies

S.A.A.F.E. Promise

Rocky Mountain Oils created the S.A.A.F.E Promise as a way to help explain their quality standards + to guarantee that they carry 100% pure essential oils.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

This is an essential oil company that cares about quality and their customers. They have a no questions asked 90-day return policy, they provide essential oil test results on their site, and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that their oils are pure and potent.


Rocky Mountain Oils has a lot of guidelines that their suppliers have to meet (and they won’t use them unless they do). Then their suppliers test their oils through a third party, and RMO won’t accept the oils unless they’re 100% pure. Then they test them AGAIN through their own third party lab to make sure they were sent the right batch. And then they test them in their headquarters to ensure quality.


Their essential oils go through three different kinds of testing: GC/MS as mentioned above, organoleptic tests done by an in-house chemist, and Refractive Index, in which a refractometer is used to test the light going through an essential oil to see if there are any adulterants.

Free of Adulterants

No adulterants. None. These are 100% pure essential oils, and they guarantee it through their careful processes and testing.

Effective and Pure

Essential oils that have been polluted with fragrances, etc. aren’t as effective as 100% pure essential oils. Rocky Mountain Oils guarantees that their oils are effective and pure.

Read more about their promise here.


Rocky Mountain Oils currently has two different methods that they’re focused on, sustainability-wise: their recycling program and their recycled packaging.

Industry’s First Bottle Recycling Program

You can send them your old essential oil bottles (from any brand), and they’ll send them to an authorized recycling center. They also provide a lookup for local glass recycling centers.

100% Recycled Packaging

The boxes + shipping materials they use are 100% recycled, and are 100% recyclable — even the ink they use.

Theraputic Grade Essential Oils - Which Essential Oils Company Should I Use - Rocky Mountain Oils Review - Essential Oils Company Review - Best Essential Oil Company - Pure Essential Oils

They’re Committed to Educating their Customers

Rocky Mountain Oils’ website is full of ways for you to learn about essential oils.

  • The Blend - their blog offers lots of extras, tips, diffuser blends, gift guides, and health tips.

  • Essential Oil Guides - under their “Learn” tab, you can find guides for orange, lavender, frankincense, tea tree, lemon, grapefruit, eucalyptus, and peppermint essential oils.

  • Essential Oils Dilution Guide - essential oils are strong, and Rocky Mountain Oils has put together an essential oils dilution guide that suggests the right amount of essential oil to use with your carrier oil, when applying topically.

  • Caution - while I can’t find a specific page for it, RMO doesn’t encourage ingestion of their essential oils. This is NOT because they’re unpure — they’re 100% pure. But some people are sensitive to certain things, so they recommend talking to a medical professional before consuming them. You’ll find it in FAQs and in answers on product pages. I love this about RMO because they’re dedicated to customer safety.

  • Rocky Mountain Oils Kids Line - on the note of customer safety — some essential oils are too strong for young ones. They break it down here, and they also offer a Kids Line so you don’t have to figure out dilution rates.

  • Essential Oils Comparison Chart - for anyone looking to try a blend that’s similar to one they already have, they offer a comparison chart for Young Living and doTERRA’s blends.

Rocky Mountain Oils’ Prices

I like inexpensive things. A lot. I grew up shopping clearance and garage sales. My parents raised me to not overpay for something if I don’t have to, so I usually don’t.

Even I am willing to pay for their essential oils, which says something. The price is equal to the quality. And they’re worth it.

Rocky Mountain Oils Singles + Blended Essential Oils

They have a large selection of essential oils — both singles and blends! They also offer:

  • An organic essential oils line

  • A line for kid-safe essential oils

  • Essential oil roll-ons

  • Essential oil starter kits

  • Essential oil diffusers

  • Collections like “Sleep” or “Cleaning” or “Energy”

Customer Service

  • Free shipping in the USA

  • No questions asked 90-day return policy

  • Customer education so you know how to use essential oils safely + effectively

  • Recycling program for your used-up bottles

  • Club Oil’ty - their rewards program

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My Opinion on Rocky Mountain Oils

Rocky Mountain Oils is the only essential oil company I’ve tried, so I can’t compare between companies.

I use RMO essential oils in my sugar scrubs, and I also diffuse them. I have a few roll-ons as well. And I love them all. They smell good, they work, and they’re fun to use.

I’ve heard about a lack of transparency surrounding other companies, and that scares me. I haven’t seen any complaints about RMO, and that’s a big factor for me. I’ve also had no issues or concerns while using them.

Rocky Mountain Oils Review - Is Rocky Mountain Oils the Best Essential Oil Company? - High-Quality Essential Oils - Essential Oils that are Tested

RMO Comes out on Top

If you look at this post, you’ll find a comparison of the top 10 essential oil brands. There are a lot of factors here, and I love the pros/cons list for each company. But here’s what I find interesting:

Every company has an issue with scientific research, transparency, experience, and testing reports except Rocky Mountain Oils and one other company, NOW Foods (which seems to be a good company, but they provide more than essential oils. I love that RMO keeps their expertise focused on one area).

And the only two issues this review has with Rocky Mountain Oils? Their website is a bit tricky to navigate, and they’re a bit pricey. Now, as a customer of theirs, I think their website is super easy to navigate. And as I said above, while I don’t think Rocky Mountain Oils is cheap, I don’t think they’re super expensive. And I understand that I’m paying for quality.

Okay, now that I’ve given you my full opinion on Rocky Mountain Oils . . . let’s get into the fun stuff—using essential oils!

Rocky Mountain Oils Recipes

I love making sugar scrubs with essential oils, coming up with diffuser blends/recipes, and finding new ways to use my essential oils. I would read Rocky Mountain Oil’s blog, The Blend, for lots of essential oil recipes.

Essential Oil Sugar Scrub Recipes

Sugar scrubs are my FAVORITE. They’re great for exfoliating + moisturizing. I love using them on my hands, or in the shower. I’ll continue to update this section as I make more scrubs.

Rocky Mountain Oils Product Reviews

I’ve reviewed a few of Rocky Mountain Oils products, and you can check them out below. Again, I’ll update this as I continue to review more of Rocky Mountain Oils’ products.

Have you ever used RMO? Let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

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