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How to Be Okay with Slow Growth in Your Life + as a Creative

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Are you tired?

Tired of falling into the same bad habits you’ve been fighting for years? Tired of working at your craft, whether it’s writing or drawing or painting or baking, only to wish that your skills were farther along than they are? Tired of trying, trying, and trying—only to see tiny results?

I know what you’re going through.

Slow growth can be infuriating. You have goals—so many goals—but you can’t seem to reach them fast enough. You watch other creatives or friends or coworkers accelerate at a much faster pace than you are. But you’re working just as hard! What’s going on?!

The frustration is real. You work every day, pouring your soul into your creative work, your personal development, or your financial goals—maybe all three. It’s easy to become disheartened by the lack of change + growth in your life. And I have to admit that it’s easy to get angry, too.

But maybe slow growth is better. Maybe you could even call it a blessing, or a calling—a calling to be present in your life. What’s a life lived in the past—or one lived in the future? There’s wonder in the waiting, so snatch it up and cherish it.

Slow growth leaves room for learning. For patience. For evaluation.

Maybe there is something you should be doing to accelerate your growth—or maybe it’s your turn to sit. To be still. To learn to be okay in the process. Because there will always be a process.

And let’s be honest, waiting isn’t the end of the world. It’s an invitation to remind yourself of your purpose. You have your goals, sure, but goals take time to reach. They take growth.

And sometimes that growth is slow.

And sometimes that slow growth is out of your control.

And that’s okay.

Sit. Breathe. Look at how far you’ve come—and be proud of that.

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I know that’s not the most comforting piece of advice. I’m right there with you—I want to reach my goals right now. But after I reach those goals, I have about 1,000 more that I’ll chase after right away. After all, that’s what hustling looks like, right?

But maybe that “hustle” mindset is just plain wrong.

Maybe it’s not about making an extra side income or publishing your book in three months or whatever it is your chasing after. Maybe hustling is unhealthy, and comparison even more so.

Look, I get it. It’s hard to watch everyone live the life you want. Conquer every obstacle in their path. Leave you in the dust.

“This blogger makes X a month!”

“My friend runs a successful photography business. What am I doing wrong?!”

“My drawing will never be as good as hers.”

So we work, we hustle, we work 18+ hour days, and the results are . . . sucky.

Or are they?

Maybe your results are the exact results you need—even if your bank account says otherwise. Maybe your goals are the little picture, just a small detail, and the big picture involves an even bigger heart change.

One that accepts failure. One that sees it as a step, not an embarrassment.

One that is genuinely excited when your friend gets married and you’re still single.

One that welcomes low blog traffic as an opportunity to create better, beautiful content.

You can see slow growth as your enemy, or you can see slow growth as your friend.

The choice? Well.

That’s up to you.

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How to Be Okay with Slow Growth in Life + as a Creative | This blog post is for you if you feel like everyone's life is moving forward while you're left in the dust.
How to Be Okay with Slow Growth in Life + as a Creative