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Is the CreativeLive Creator Pass Worth It? My Review + Thoughts

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If you’ve ever tried finding high-quality courses online as a creative, there’s no doubt you’ve come across CreativeLive . But just in case you’re a little behind on the times, I’ll catch you up. CreativeLive is one of my favorite places to learn new creative skills online. It's different than other online learning platforms, though, and I'll explain how below.

In a hurry? Check out the CreativeLive Creator Pass right here, or click here to go to my final verdict. Keep scrolling for my review + my thoughts on if this is the best online learning platform for you.

What is CreativeLive?

CreativeLive is an online learning platform for creators of all kinds to grow their knowledge and skills through high-quality online courses. From photography to writing to graphic design (and more), this place has got you covered. But even better? Not just anyone can post a course on CreativeLive. Instead, the teachers at CreativeLive are the best of the best.

The instructors teach their classes to a live audience at the CreativeLive headquarters in Seattle (or wherever they need to be), where they’re filmed and then turned into an online course. So that means people ask questions (like the ones you probably have a burning desire to find answers to) during the class, so the instructors can elaborate on topics that their students might be confused by. Heck yeah!

Since everything is filmed live and produced by CreativeLive, that means that they’re handpicking who their instructors are. And you’d better bet they’re picky!

Okay, now that you know what CreativeLive is, it’s time for the next question . . .

What’s the CreativeLive Creator Pass?

The CreativeLive Creator Pass is a dream come true for anyone who wants to learn creative skills online for an affordable price. You’ll find classes from skilled writers like Jeff Goins, Lisa Cron, and Jennie Nash. You can find photography classes from top photographers like Jasmine Star, Kelly Brown, and John Greeno. Looking for something else? CreativeLive also offers courses on graphic design, social media, needlecraft, Etsy, personal finance, self improvement, jewelry design . . . and the list could go on.

I have personally taken a TON of CreativeLive classes with the Creator Pass, and I have to say that it’s definitely worth it. But I understand that everyone has hesitations where money is concerned. So if you’re not sure if the Creator Pass is for you, hopefully this will help you out:

The CreativeLive Creator Pass is for you if . . .

  • You’re looking for an affordable way to learn creative skills online

  • You’re struggling to get your creative business off the ground

  • You feel stuck when it comes to your creative growth

  • You’re trying to become an expert/authority in your creative niche

  • You want more confidence in your creative + personal skills

  • You’re looking for a thoughtful, helpful gift to give to a creative loved one

The CreativeLive Creator Pass is NOT for you if . . .

  • You’re already an expert in your field, and

  • You don’t have time to invest in learning about new creative skills

. . . With both of those things being said, I think even experts can learn from other experts. And that’s what’s so great about CreativeLive. Since they handpick their course instructors, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re learning from the best of the best.

But what about the elephant in the room? You know—money? More on that below.

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Is the CreativeLive Creator Pass Worth It? Read My Thoughts. (Woman painting watercolor flowers.)

How Much Does the Creator Pass Cost?

Here’s the thing—the CreativeLive Creator Pass is super affordable. Currently, there are two ways you can buy the Creator Pass:

  • Yearly for $25/a month (billed annually for $299), or

  • Monthly for $49/a month

➞ And as a BONUS, the monthly Creator Pass is currently ON SALE for $39/month.

Did I mention that there’s a trial period for the Creator Pass? You still have to pay, but after you purchase, you have a 7-day period within which you can check out the Creator Pass. If you’re not a fan, you can get a full refund. But trust me—you’ll love it. Again, this isn’t a free trial. There’s just a 7-day refund policy.

Still not sure if the Creator Pass is worth your money? After all, there are other online learning platforms out there with other online courses. So let’s break this down.

The CreativeLive Creator Pass Price Broken Down

The monthly plan is currently $39/month since it’s on sale. Now let’s take a look at some of the top classes (and some of my favorites) on CreativeLive.

This is a selection of some typical prices that you’ll see on CreativeLive. Some will be $49. Some will be $200. I picked courses with a varied range of prices because that accurately depicts the prices you’re going to see.

The total price of these four courses is $396. That feels like too much money for only four classes.

And that’s where the Creator Pass comes in.

If you watch those four classes on the monthly Creator Pass ($39/month on sale), you’re getting a 90% discount.

In a way, it’s the ultimate CreativeLive coupon because you’re getting ALL of CreativeLive’s courses for the price of 1-2 courses, monthly. And it’s even cheaper if you buy the yearly option for only $25/month. So if you’re trying to break into a creative field and you’re sick of reading unhelpful blog posts online (been there, done that), check out the Creator Pass. It’ll be worth your time. And remember, there's a 7-day trial period. You can get a refund if you find out it's not for you, as long as it's within the first 7 days of your purchase.

SIDE NOTE: The monthly option is in beta, so if you want to try it out to see if you like it, grab it before it goes away!

Woman typing on laptop on bed | CreativeLive Creator Pass Cost Break Down

TL;DR: Is the CreativeLive Creator Pass Worth It?

YES! If you need some affordable education in the creative department (or in the personal development/finance department), this is your answer! Grab the Creator Pass here.

The Creator Pass will Help You:

  • Grow your skills as a creative

  • Help jumpstart your creative business

  • Give you the confidence you need to succeed

  • Provide you with an opportunity to learn new skills

The price for the CreativeLive Creator Pass is $25/month (billed annually), or $39/month while it’s still on sale (and still available), and you get access to CreativeLive’s 1500+ courses. Considering the facts, I’d say it’s definitely worth your money.

So check it out to see if you're ready to start learning. And if you STILL aren’t sure if you want the Creator Pass, try looking at their free courses for the week or their free photography courses.

How to Learn New Creative Skills Online for Cheap - Read my CreativeLive Creator Pass review to see if taking online courses through the Creator Pass is right for you! (Woman on bed with laptop)
My CreativeLive Creator Pass Review - Is the Creator Pass right for you? Read my review to see if learning online through CreativeLive's courses is what you need as a creative. (Woman painting watercolor flowers)
Is the CreativeLive Creator Pass Worth It? Read My Review to learn about the cost, pros, and cons of using CreativeLive as your online course platform. (Woman on bed with laptop.)