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My Favorite Online Shop for College Dorm + Apartment Decor

Throw pillow with cactus pattern and a coral blanket on couch | mMy Favorite Shop for Dorm Room Decor and Apartment Decor

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***UPDATE: Society6 is running a 25% off sale Sunday 8/18 through Thursday 8/22 featuring different products each day. That means you can get 50% off with a student discount.***

It’s that time of the year again! You’re headed off to school, maybe for the first time or maybe for the last time. Whether you’re in a dorm or you’re in your first apartment, you want your living space to have some personality. But college isn’t cheap, and you’re working with a limited budget.

That’s where Society6 comes in.

Society6 Screenshot

Society6 is your one-stop shop when it comes to dorm decor. The best part? As a student, you get a 25% off discount. Pair that with one of their sales (they’re running them constantly), and bam! You have yourself some fresh pieces for your new space—without sacrificing your wallet. Oh, and did I mention that every purchase directly supports the artist behind the design?

Yep, you read that right. It’s the best of both worlds. You get inexpensive decor so your room can look nice while saving money, and you also get to support an artist while you do.

From ampersand throw pillows to mandala wall tapestries, this place has it all. Shower curtains, throw blankets, rugs, comforters, and towels? You bet. Heck, Society6 even has wallpaper! And you don’t need to worry about having the same decor as your neighbor across the hall. Society6 has thousands of designs, meaning your space will be uniquely yours.

But where to start?

How about the essentials—bed and bath.

Comforters + Duvet Covers on Society6

Twin duvet covers and comforters start at $99.99 on Society6, but remember, you get 25% off (and can probably catch a sale as well). Here are my favorites:

My Favorite Society6 Duvet Covers and Comforters - 25% off student discount

Sierra Floral Duvet Cover // Navy Stone Duvet Cover // Clouds Duvet Cover // Orange Grove Duvet Cover

You can also get these designs as pillow shams + throw pillows as well. Just scroll down and look through the “Shop This Artwork” and “Also Available As” sections.

Shower Curtains on Society6

Shower curtains are a little pricey—$69.99—but if you can get them on sale, you’re doing good. A few (and I say a few because there are so. many. good. ones.) of my favorites are:

Society6 Shower Curtains for apartments and dorms

Get Naked Shower Curtain // Whale Wave Shower Curtain // Palm Leaf II Shower Curtain // Hot Shower Definition Shower Curtain

But there’s more! Make sure to check out Society6’s Bath Mats and Hand and Bath Towels as well. You’ll find a mix of funny designs and beautiful art, as I’m sure you’ve realized by now.

And now . . . the fun stuff! Decor—wall tapestries, throw pillows, blankets . . . the stuff that will make your space YOURS.

Wall Tapestries on Society6

Tapestries on Society6 start at $44.99, which isn’t that bad considering you’ll have it forever. Hang it over your bed or over your futon, slap up some string lights if you so desire, and your dorm’s aesthetic just got a whole lot better.

Society6 Tapestries

Blush and Payne’s Grey Wall Tapestry // Babe Cave Wall Tapestry // She Believed She Could Wall Tapestry // Golden Peaks Wall Tapestry

Throw Pillows on Society6

Throw pillows—the best way to spruce up your dorm or apartment. And boy oh boy does Society6 have a TON of good designs, starting at $29.99 for just the cover without the pillow. Here are my top picks:

Society6 Throw Pillows

Oh for F’s Sake Throw Pillow // It’s a Good Day Throw Pillow // Moon Phases Throw Pillow // Agave Geometrics Throw Pillow

Throw Blankets on Society6

Last but not least are the soft, warm, fuzzy throw blankets from Society6. These are perfect for winter days of studying, cuddling, or just chilling. They start at $59.99.

Society6 Throw Blankets

Truce II Blanket // Nah Blanket // Rose Bottles Blanket // White Feather Mandala Blanket

Society6 has plenty more to offer than the few products listed above, but I think you get the idea. Check out the #DormGoals page for inspiration on common area decor, workspace decor, and more.

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