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23 Self-Care Activities to Replace Scrolling on Social Media

23 Self-Care Activities to Do Instead of Scrolling on Social Media

Hey, friend.

Are you sick of the way scrolling on social media makes you feel? That jealous, petty thought that slips into your head whenever you open up Instagram? No matter how many times you tell yourself your life is awesome, you don’t believe it.

Why? Because social media is a highlight reel—and everyone else’s looks better than yours.

I get it. I’ve unfollowed countless people on social media because they were causing me to feel ungrateful (and I recommend you do the same if you’re having issues). On top of that, did you know that social media can cause brain damage? Yikes!

Oh, and did I mention how easily social media can become a time sink? It’s hard enough to manage your time effectively!

So what can we do about this? Well, the answer is obvious—get off of social media. But what do you do instead? That’s where this list I’ve created comes in handy. Keep scrolling for a list of activities you can do instead of scrolling on your phone! They double as self-care activities, so keep them in mind for when you need to give yourself some love, too. <3

Things You Can Do Instead of Scrolling on Social Media

  1. Take a walk

  2. Read a wholesome article (try Medium)

  3. Read a book

  4. Use a sugar scrub on your hands + feet

  5. Stretch/do yoga

  6. Do a mini workout

  7. Do something creative

  8. Do your dishes

  9. Make a to-do list for the next day

  10. Call a friend

  11. Journal how you’re feeling

  12. Cook a simple meal

  13. Color/draw

  14. Meditate

  15. Write down what you’re grateful for

  16. People watch

  17. Get lost in your own thoughts

  18. Write a poem

  19. Start learning a new language

  20. Listen to a podcast

  21. Make your bed

  22. Set out your clothes for the next day

  23. Put on happy music and just listen

What do you do instead of scrolling on social media? Let me know in the comments! And if you want to keep track of this list, you can save it on Pinterest:

Social media can take a huge toll on our mental health. Stop playing the comparison game and get OFF of social media with these self-care habits that you can do instead. (Image with a list of 20 Self-Care Acts Instead of Scrolling on Social Media) #selfcare #intentionalliving #mentalhealth #socialmedia
23 Self-Care Activities Instead of Scrolling on Social Media #socialmedia #selfcare #livingintentionally #personalgrowth
23 Wholesome Self-Care Activities - Things to do instead of scrolling on social media that double as self care #selfcare #personalgrowth #intentionalliving