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Self Care Habits for Spring

7 Self Care Habits for Spring - Shake off the winter blues with a new self care routine. Good self care starts with looking at your needs and acting on them. This post will give you some ideas for preventing burn out, enjoying the springtime weather, and keeping yourself in a positive mindset. #selfcare #selflove #spring #selfimprovement

Springtime: a season of recovering from winter, enjoying warm weather, and clearing out whatever negativity the coldest time of year has given us. Brighten up your self care routine this spring with my top 7 self care habits for spring.

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This post is in collaboration with a few other lovely bloggers. We’re working together to make sure you have the best spring possible. I’ll be linking to their posts at the end of this one, so be sure to check those out for more spring self care ideas!

Spring. Where I live in Northwestern Pennsylvania, April is still pretty chilly (enough to snow, unfortunately). I’m treasuring the warmer days and inspecting the ground for anything green. Surprisingly, some daffodil buds survived our most recent cold spell. I’m honestly so excited for them to bloom.

Spring is very possibly my favorite season of the year. The sun starts shining, flowers are everywhere, and a huge weight feels like it’s been lifted off my shoulders.

This year, I’m taking advantage of the good vibes by upping my self care game. Winter can be rough—on the soul, mind, and body. And while there are plenty of winter self care ideas, I’m jumping into spring with a fresh set of self care rituals. By doing this, I’m hoping to shake off any winter blues and give myself a fresh + positive mindset.

Get Outside

We all know that winter sucks, and one of the main reasons why is the lack of ability to enjoy the outdoors. Unless you’re into winter sports, that is.

This spring, I’m making sure to get outside more often to enjoy the nice weather. Not only is it healthy to be in the sunlight and get some fresh air, but it’ll give me a break from my work as well. There are plenty of places in my little town where I can take a walk surrounded by nature. And I’m so excited!

Other ways to get outside more this spring:

  • Do volunteer work that involves being outside - cleaning up litter, getting involved with a national park, etc.

  • Get some yard work done - if you don’t have a yard, help someone else!

  • Head to the nearest farmer’s market - So this is a seasonal thing and may not really fit with spring. But it excites me! Just type your city/county into the search engine with “farmer’s market.” Hopefully there’s one near you!

  • Participate in a 5K - . . . yeah, running isn’t my idea of fun either. But if you get together a group of friends, it’s a blast.

  • Go to a festival - My guess is there are plenty around that you haven’t heard of. A few of my local favorites are a food truck festival, an arts festival, and a lavender festival (okay that one is actually 2 hours away, but whatever).

Intentional Self Care for Spring - Eating Healthy

Stock up on Fruits + Veggies

This one is going to be difficult. I’m a picky eater, but sometimes you just have to suck it up and do what’s good for you!

I’m trying to make sure that my spring self care routines are more intentional. I hate forcing myself to take time for myself because I’m burned out. It makes so much more sense to create a consistent habit of self care. Eating healthier is going to be a huge part of that for me.

Hit the Road

Road trip! Even if you can’t go far, hop in the car and go somewhere. Grab a friend if you don’t want to go alone (highly recommended).

Adventuring is great for the soul. Go somewhere new. Visit a beautiful beach. Hike through a forest. Find a few adorable coffee shops along the way. There are a lot of beautiful places in this world—find them and let them inspire you.

Stay Hydrated

This is SO IMPORTANT all year, but I’m relating it to spring for one reason:

With the weather warming up, most people start getting more active. The more active you are, the more water you need to be consuming.

I don’t go anywhere without my reusable water bottle. Even if I’m just going to the grocery store, I bring it with me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m horrible at staying hydrated. That’s why I always have this thing with me. My hope is that if I always have access to water, I’ll start drinking it more.

Honestly, it’s helped.

It’s also pretty great that I have a super cute water bottle. Mine is a lovely rose gold Sip by S’Well bottle, and I love carrying it around. (Pssst. It comes in a bunch of beautiful colors/patterns. Find them on Amazon and Target).

Diffuse Essential Oils

Unfortunately, due to trying to save money on electricity, I haven’t been using my diffuser as much. But springtime means warmer weather! And that means our heating bill won’t be nearly as high. So I’m going to be using essential oils to relax at night, get myself going in the morning, and brighten my mood throughout the day.

I can’t wait. :)

Himilayan Salt Candle Holders with Essential Oils for Spring Self Care


Spring cleaning time! I’ve already got a box full of stuff I want to get rid of, and it keeps getting more full! While it may take some motivation to get me going, I love cleaning. Well . . . I love the results of cleaning. Something that increases my stress + hinders my productivity is having clutter around. So to avoid those issues, I’ll take some time to make sure our apartment is clutter-free.

Break out the Sundresses

I don’t really put that much effort into my appearance. I don’t like people looking at me (hello, social anxiety), and it takes so much time. But I love the way I feel when I’m in a pretty sundress. So this spring + summer, expect lots of pictures of me trying to be adorable on my Instagram.

Ready for more spring self care ideas? I’ll be updating this post as the other bloggers in this collab get their posts up!

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Self Care Habits for Spring - Up your self-care game with these spring self care tips. #selfcare #selflove #mentalhealth #spring