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The Truth about Achieving Your Goals

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My husband and I have two guilty pleasures: frozen pizza and ice cream. The other day, I said, “Let’s cut back on those this month.” I’d been thinking it for a while. My family has a history of diabetes, and I don’t want to join that party. And while I hate vegetables and exercise, I started.

I work out with my husband. I’m cutting back on unhealthy foods and replacing them with healthier ones. I go on a walk every day. I set a goal for myself, and then I did something about it.

The truth is that you have to start.

That’s where a lot of people fail—right at the beginning. But if you just start, if you just begin, you’ll be better off than before.

Another example: I’ve wanted to start composting for a while. At first, I thought it would be too much of a hassle since we live in an apartment. But then I just started. Now I’m cutting back on waste that goes to the landfill (a big goal of mine), and it makes me so happy.

There you have it, again. I started. And if you don’t start, you’ll never achieve your goals.

Intentionality is everything here, and I encourage you to work toward your goals. It means dedication. It means no more procrastinating. Sometimes it means re-prioritizing. And it always means starting.

But it also means living a life fuller than you were before.

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